The Tripod Tipi

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 Multicam: (Any NON solid Color) tent will be made of a lighter fabric. Water proof ripstop and coated. Due to licensing cost of fabric material other then solids there will be an increased cost of the material. These tents will be around 1.5lbs which will be lighter weight and more compact then the solid color tents

Multicam: 1lb 8 oz 

Solid Colors: Solid color tents will be made from a thicker coated Nylon Packcloth . Weighing about 2.36lbs 

The tripod Tipi is a new innovative product that we have come up. With the tipi there is multiple uses from a field expedient shelter to long stay shelter to an field expdient hide. The current system weights 2.36 features 7 stake holes to stake down the tripod tipi. A single zipper do to allow for an easy in and an easy out. The suggested tripod height is a 65.5 max height or higher to allow use for the tripod tipi. The shelter folds up into the size of a nalgean bottle and can easily be store inside of your pack for inclement weather. This is the begining of what we see is a need for the community. 

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